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Biography Of Haruka Ito

Before Starting Training Of Wushu

Haruka Ito was born in Hokkaido,Japan in January 29.
When she was a young child, her physical condition was a little frail health. Until she graduated from? junior high school, the result of Physical Education in school was not good.
But she became to keen to learn Wushu(Chinese Martial Arts), therefore she started to learn in September 1989 when she was 19 years old, under the guidance and instruction of former? professional Athlete of Beijing Wushu Team, China: Master Zhang Xian Ming.

Overcoming The Chagrin Of The First Competition

At the beginning of her Wushu training life, her talent was not good actually.
Her strength was insufficient, it was hard to say that there is a special talent that stand out to her.
In August of 1990, she first participated "The 7th All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Championships" by the event of 'Changquan Compulsory Form'. The result was the lowest.
She burst into tears to regret for a long time.
When she stopped to cry, she promised strongly to her heart:"I sure will make my Wushu skill and technique progress more".

From that time, a long distance in which she is increasingly devoted to Wushu competition started.

Everything In Her Mind Is Only For WUSHU

In March of 1993, she visited Guangzhou, China, in order to have exclusive training.
Still her pyisical strength was weak, she has got over 39 degree fever with heavy diarrhea and dehydration for 3 days. She felt:"Will I be dead?". But on the other hand, she told herself again:"If I can back to Japan without serious problem, I should be stronger...".
Fortuntely, she could back to Japan, and she moved to Osaka Prefecture(district) from Hokkaido district in April 1993, in order to change the training place of Wushu.
She became a member of Osaka Wushu Team, started to learn under Master Han Qing Tai. She had ever learned under Master Takeshi Takaura, Master Chen Jing etc.

She has lived just alone, she had to make her living by a part-time job, therefore her life always had financial problem. But still she needed Wushu in her mind.
She had many,many hard experiences in her life, ONLY Wushu was supporting her mind and saved her life all over the world. It seemed like that "Just full of tears" life for a long long time.
If she didn't have Wushu, she must killed herself already.
She had such a hard experiences and time.

Another Try On Her Wushu Career

In the beginning of November 2002, she started to consider opening her own Wushu Class.
Then, she started to establish her own Wushu Academy:"Osaka Wushu Culture Institute" since January 2003.
After all, she closed the academy in September 2009, until then she continued to participate competitions herself also, and her students could win a Gold Medal of Group Event at "The 6th Hong Kong International Wushu Festival" in 2008 and a Silver Medal of Women Changquan at "The 17th Osaka Wushu Taijiquan Championships" in 2009.

In the meantime, she achieved participation of 50 Tournament Competition at "The 25th All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Championships" which was held in July, 2008.
This number is counted by Participating Tournaments Competitions except for Taijiquan(Tai Chi) Events.
At the same "The 25th All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Championships", updated the record(informal) of the oldest age participation of Women Three Events Comprehensive.

In January 2010, she moved to Kanagawa Prefecture(district) from Osaka district.
She started to learn under Master Luo Jing.

After two years, she moved Karnataka state, India...... from Japan.
The Medal Count in Japan and Hong Kong is more than twenty five already.
Then, she wants to do another try in India.

Her accumulation of championships, gold, silver and bronze medals are the tangible results of her personal dedication to the sport of wushu kungfu!

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