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Media Coverage on Haruka Ito

Covered on quarterly magazine: "SHIGOTO JOHO HIROBA(Occupation Information Square)" 2005 Winter Edition, which is published by Osaka City Citizen Bereau Employment and Labour Measure Room of Osaka Urban Association.

★January 31st
Covered on "OSAKA NITINITI SHINBUN(Osaka Everyday Paper)", in the corner: "Fellows of Circle".

Covered on Cable TV Program: "YOMIURI THE KANSAN" and "KANSAI TOPICS", corner's name: "Let's Challenge Chinese Wushu(Martial Arts)".
On Air shcedule as below.
*Feb 16th 4:15pm and Feb 18th 11:15 on CS Broadcasting and Sky PerfecTV channels
*Feb 16th and 17th 6:30pm on Community Channel in Osaka Toyonaka city and Suita city
* Feb 16th and 17th (On Air timings is defferent on each channel and area) on Cable West channel(Osaka city norht area), Bay Communications Channel(Osaka city west area), Takatsuki city, Suita city, Higashiosaka city, Kadoma city etc.
To watch video, click here.

Covered on monthly free distribution paper "Pretty" which cover Keihanshin area(Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto area), by March 28th publishing edition.

Covered on free disributuion free paper "Stray Sheeps" which cover Keihanshin area(Osaka, Kobe Kyoto area), by Vol.9 (April 20th publishing) edition.

Covered interview on life information paper by foldout "Yomiuri Family", by Osaka city south May 11th publishing edition.

Covered on game magazine "Famitsu PS2", by May 13th publishing edition.

★May 14th
PR of "Sports Kung Fu Lecture" was broadcasted on radio program:"Voice of Chinese Summer", presented by FM CoCoLo.

★May 20th
PR of "Sports Kung Fu Lecture" was broadcasted on radio program:"KANSAI SCOPE", presented by FM CoCoLo.

★August 5th, 2003
Notice of "Trial Chinese Wushu Workshop For Parents and Children" was covered on Weekly Japanese Paper "Chinese Dragon".

Contributed a Japanese Colum to Magazine in Japan
Colum Title: Art of Chinese Wushu-BIAOYAN(Performance)-
Magazine Title: BUGEI (Publisher:BAB JAPAN)

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