Official English Website of Haruka Ito ɓ Wushu Performer and Wushu Coach

Haruka Ito has a long career both of athlete and COACH.

You can contact with Haruka Ito in order to learn Chinese Martial Arts from her, long career athlete and holder of Gold Medals of Hong Kong International Wushu Festival.

[Classes and Teams which Haruka Ito coached for]
Osaka Wushu Culture Institute(Representative and Coach), Osaka Wushu Team, Itami Wushu Team, Kashima Youth Centre and Asaka Youth Centre, Wushu Association of India, Karnataka Wushu Association, Gonzaga School(Mangaluru), Dakshina Kannada District Wushu Association etc.

[Important Notice]
HARUKA WUSHU TRAINING CENTER(HWTC) has No any branches or no any affiliation unit, has not published any instructors / coaches / teachers yet, either. HWTC training center is Main Training Venue(Balmatta, Mangalore, Dakshina Kannada) only, no any branch venue.
There is NO alternative / branch / assistant, direct coaching by Haruka Ito ONLY.


[Masters, Teachers and Coaches that Haruka Ito has received the teaching of Wushu]
September 1989 - March 1992: Master Zhang Xiang Ming (Former Beijing Wushu Team Player, China)
May 1993 - December 1994: Master Han Qing Tai (Former Railway Wushu Team Member, China)
January 1994 - December 2002: Master Takeshi Takaura (Former Japan National Wushu Team Player)
January 2003 - December 2005: Coach Masahiro Izumi (All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Championship Medalist),
Coach Yoko Okubo(All Japan Wushu Taijiquan Championship Medalist)
October 1998 - December 2002: Master Chen Jing (1997 World Wushu Championships Gold Medalist, China)
April 2010 - July 2011: Master Luo Jing (Former Hubei Wushu Team Player, China)
*Temporary: Master Yang Shi Wen (Former All China Nanquan Champion, China),
Master Zhang Cheng Zhong (Asian Wushu Championships Gold Medalist, China)
Master Chen Xin Fu(Shanghai Sports University, China), etc.

WUSHU -Traditional Martial Arts and High Performance Sport-

Based on the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, 'Sport Wushu' has become an international recognized sport. It is devided into two main disciplines, Taolu (Barehand and Weaponsforms, as well as Set Sparring Routines) and Sanshou (Semi and Fullcontact Fighting).? The IWUF(International Wushu Federation), is the leading organisation with member federations all over the world. The 'Sport Wushu' movement is following the aim to become a official discipline of the Olympic Summer Games in 2020.

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